The Balance of Power

A Warehouse of Weirdos

Aileigh- 2nd of Flamerule

So today was interesting… To start with, we all had our new cloaks which was nice.  They're swooshy.  But onto more important things, We woke up and decided to go check out KC's tip on Borden Blackwater.  Well most of us CoughTyroneCough

We followed the directions to a warehouse.  There was one poor sod standing out front, staring at the door mumbling "Gotta watch the door"  over and over to himself.  Deeloy hopped up onto the roof of the next building, and I did a wide loop around the block.  There was a back door to the warehouse, but no additional guards.  When I got back, Seeth decided to try and talk to the empty husk of that poor kid that was now "standing watch".  He freaked out and started to open the door.  Seeth prevented that, and KC and Seeth dragged the guy into the alley and gagged him and tied him up.  

Seeing as things were looking pretty suspicious, we decided to try and enter from both ends of the warehouse, but the back dor was locked.  Instead, as we entered the front door, we triggered a sonic bomb rune.  Which then interrupted some weird ceremony/ ritual that was going on in the back of the room.  The supposed leader of this ragtag group tried to cast some crazy spell on our group, but managed to miss. Seeth and I were able to take care of him with a combination of silence spells and Seeth's new (still not normal for him to be casting)  Scorching Ray. 

But before we took care of that particular problem, the leader ordered the other "minions"  to attack us.  They came at us with loose boards.  We made quick work of them, leaving them unconscious in the warehouse.  

I did have to paralyze two though.  They had tried to escape after their leader died with packs full of what we soon discovered was loads of explosives.  Upon further searching of the warehouse, we found some gold (100 GP) a strange book that Neither Seeth nor I could read, and a letter addressing Borden Blackwater, whom we surmised was the leader figure.

The Letter spoke of a cave just outside the city walls. It had instructions on installing a device and when the cave would be safe to pass through due to the inhabitants being "immobile".  However, the date given in the letter for the instructions to be carried out was for 8 days ago, the 24th of Kythorn.  I don't believe we were even in Waterdeep at that time… It was signed just "~E".  We think we may be able to reach the cave, but the mention of "cave inhabitants" worries me. 

We took the book, the gold, the letter, and one of the backpacks with us to Gondolan's after tying up all of the unconscious folks and locking them inside the warehouse.  We then contacted Padma, who surprisingly seemed impressed with the events at the warehouse, and told us the Lord's Alliance would take care of tidying everything up.  She also mentioned checking in more often.  

After dinner, Seeth hunkered down in a corner and studied the book for a while, while Deeloy went up to the roof.  However, after a bit, Seeth started pacing the room, muttering to himself, and occasionally covering his ears… weird.  I hope he doesn't end up like those poor kids in the warehouse…. 


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