The Balance of Power

Seeth Needs a Sandwich... Tyrone needs to reevaluate his drinking

Aileigh, 1st of Flamerule

Well today was yet another very eventful day.  We were in Gondolan's as usual this morning, then Seeth ran off suddenly, denying any accompaniment and mentioning to contact the black staff wizard's tower if he didn't come back…. strange.  Well instead of sitting around, Deeloy decided to try and track down the assassin that's after him, starting with the nearby buildings.  KC and I figured it was certainly in his clumsy interest that we accompany him.  As he suspected, the assassin was in deed watching our group from the rooftop of a nearby building.  We ran up the steps of the building hoping to catch her on the roof. 

She was no longer there by the time we got to where Deeloy had spotter her, but we did find her bag.  Clearly she left in a hurry, leaving behind some weapons and gold. Deeloy tried to check the area for traps, but instead just opened an exploding book in his own face.  I went to attempt to heal him, only to learn that the assassin was now on the roof of Gondolans with a crossbow. That she shot me with.  It was poisoned.  Ouch. 

Being very unhappy, I used my scroll of lightning bolt and my spiritual weapon on her, hoping to shock and smash her into submission.  It may have been a bad idea, but I'd had more than enough of her shit.  and the poor rabbits.  And the ruined mattress.  Enough was enough.  She fired back, but missed.  KC was able to heal Deeloy from the unfortunate explosion, and he threw a dagger at the other assassin.  By then, I was able to hit her with Guiding bolt and my spiritual weapon again, after which she looked really rough and decided to cut her losses.  

She disappeared over the side of the rooftop, but KC promptly tossed Deeloy across the alleyway to pursue her. Amazingly, Deeloy landed gracefully (something you'd assume was inherent in wood elves… but certainly not the case when it came to good ol' Deeloy) and came out of the landing running.  He threw a dagger over the side of the roof where the assassin disappeared, then disappeared himself.  

By the time KC and I got back to the front of Gondolans, Yosef was standing outside the doors, menacingly waving a broken bottle towards eyebrow-less Deeloy, arguing about whether or not he was in cahoots with this other rogue/ assassin. Luckily, we were able to calm Yosef down and rejoin Tyrone for a breather.  Shortly after we sat down at a table, Seeth returned.  He bought a drink from Yosef, spoke to the barkeep for a minute, then disappeared out back without so much as a glance our way.  He was not looking good-  skinnier and exhausted, both of which are strange for him.  

Obviously we followed him outside,  only to find him mindlessly and ridiculously shooting off scorching rays at the alley wall.  He did not know that spell prior to his little side- adventure, and he looks just slightly different now… aaaand then he passed out before we could talk to him really.  Luckily KC caught him and brought him inside to rest a bit. 

We all took a bit, and then woke Seeth up. I dragged everyone to the temple of Pelor.  I'd been meaning to go and ask some questions of the clerics there concerning my now "glowing" complexion and the visions I've experienced.  This was my first time in such a large city, so I figured they had to have at least some information… Also my traveling companions could certainly use the healing. 

Ugh it was massive and imposing… of course. But the glass work in the windows was very nice.  The head priest, Lightbringer Garanth Sunshield  spotted me immediately and ushered our group off to a side room.  He was a little stuffy.  And prejudiced. Just what i dislike about so many of these temple priests.  But the boys were also quite rude.  I think KC tried to keep them in line?  but she also seemed uncomfortable.  I don't blame her.  I was too, but i'm just used to it by now.  He was mostly unhelpful when it came to getting answers about the visions and recent development with the glowing. but he did take the group to the healing ward to get patched up after the mornings' activities.  We took our leave shortly after, but not without some puzzling advice. He said something along the lines of "Remember that when you look at the sun you're looking at Elysium's light"  Interestingly enough, there was not quite as much Pelor in that little tidbit as I was expecting. And why would he say that about Elysium?  Is the sun a portal that lets Elysium's light through to this plane? Would that then make Pelor the guardian of this gate rather than the bringer of sunlight?  SO many questions to look into. 

Still gotta figure out what happened to Seeth… He didn't look much better after the temple visit, adn also asked for the pink & gold diadem I'd had for the majority of our adventure….  Also Tyrone has been forgoing us for the drink quite a bit of late… Should probably talk to him about that. 


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