The Balance of Power

Of Vendettas and Schools

30th of Kythorne,

Earlier yesterday Deeloy received a letter detailing how a woman wanted to kill him.  And, by extension, us.  Therefore, we set up a watch overnight to keep from being taken unawares by this assassin.  She or one of her companions (though I find it hard to believe she works well with others, she sounds like an awfully toxic individual) tacked skinned and gutted rabbit corpses on the windows of each  member of the party's rooms.  We observed this upon leaving the inn at an ungodly hour of around 2AM.  

We made our way to the North Gate.   Upon arriving, we talked with a guard and inquired about anyone moving boxes suspiciously.  They said there was nothing of the kind, but were suspicious of us, and told us to report anything to the watch.  We promptly thanked him and left.

Following this, our party made its way to the docks to observe the sea serpent infestation.  On our attempts to observe these creatures, we were accosted by a Lieutenant of the guard named Davin Dinkleberg.  I told him of my connection with the city, and he trusted us enough to show us a better look of the infestation, as well as a look at the besieging orcish army. I am surprised who could have brought this group together…  I wonder…  I will need to visit the command camp somehow.

We returned to the Inn, rested up a little (for about an hour) until normal daily operations in the city resumed.  We visited the Academy of Occupational Arts, an idea suggested by the student ID for Aesir Morgan I had discovered in Duke Wellington's warehouse.  In this school, we met the esteemed gnome Nesmir Fingerbottom.  Many jests were made.  We asked him about the missing Aesir Morgan, and were told that he was part of a group of students professor Fingerbottom led called the Defese of Real Kin.  They were concerned with advocating for racial divides. Borden Blackwater joined 6 months ago, and led students in frightening and disturbing lines of thought.  1 month ago he and all the students in the group disappeared from the school.  We were told that he'd recently seen one of the students from the group- Hemylos – a week ago. They looked terrible, and the only thing they had said was "I'm not sure what to do, I'm on Row Street".  Or at least that's all I remember.

I think we should investigate Row Street, or Borden Blackwater.  This may have something to do with Unchosen.  And it may help me find out what's behind the siege on Waterdeep…

Only time will tell.
Kriscaryn Wyvernjack


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