The Balance of Power

SHOPPING SPREE!!!! (30th of Kythorn 3078)

Since Seeth hasn't written his entry this week

Well thank goodness for Chaz.  

I was the first to get back from Duke Wellington's.  Tyrone was just kinda hanging out at the bar in Gondolan's. I sat down, and let him know all the "fun"  he missed on our little jaunt out to Duke Wellington's with that bard.  Here I thought I was meeting another nice half-elf but noooooo he went and just poofed away, leaving us alone.  Funnily enough, KC and Seeth got back at the same time.  I'm not sure how Seeth felt about that, but he went right up to bed.  He was super done with the night's shenanigans by the time he got back.  

Kris, Tyrone, and myself waited up for another 45 minutes or so for Deeloy to get back, but he was just like nowhere to be found.  Luckily, Tyrone was willing to take Chaz out to go find him, and they returned not long after that. Finally, bedtime!


We woke up and decided to do a bit of exploring around the town.  KC, myself, Tyrone, and Deeloy went to a leather-worker's shop.  Deeloy bought some new armor (I think he must feel uncomfortable wearing the stolen set around haha).  Tyrone chatted up a homeless man, and Seeth ran off on some undisclosed errand of his own. He came back a bit later though, with the name of a magic shop he wanted to go visit.  I'm not sure why he was so eager.  I thought he very much HATED all things magic, but maybe he's warming up a bit. 

Ok, the shop was pretty neat though.  It' was this place called Eitik's Emporium.  We bought a few potions, and some assorted other things.  We ended up trading in a lot of our less-used gear and items, but we got a SUPER COOL sword that does extra damage to  giants (probably good considering the current siege predicament), and a neat javelin that works as a lightning bolt once a day.  

Well the shopping was fun, but once we were done with the magic shop, we decided to check out a tip Tyrone had gotten from the hobo earlier. Apparently there have been some suspicious people seen carrying suspicious-looking boxes and crates around the warehouse district lately. So we headed that way across town, only to arrive right as there was a giant explosion and a fire.  Turns out the explosion was on part of the inner wall of the city.  To Seeth and myself, it looked like there were runes in the rubble from the wall.  I'm guessing it was one of the wards on the city walls, which is very not good if they're being targeted. We tried to offer to help, but the city guards weren't having it and wouldn't let us past. 

Instead, we decided to go take a peek at Duke Wellington's warehouse. KC remembered from the communications in his desk that he had property in this area, and that some of his less legal goods had recently been stolen; things like guns and explosives (surprise, surprise…).  So we wandered around till we found te warehouse, noticing the guards stationed all around it.  Seeth suggested we light something on fire to distract them…. We decided instead that KC would use the magic disguise hat to impersonate a city guard to get access to the warehouse.  The rest of us retreated around the corner to wait.  It took a while, but KC came back with a… student ID?  

Then someone took a shot at Deeloy…. At that point we called it quits and went back to Gondolan's. 


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